Thursday, 23 August 2012


The Zombie House is a completely unique approach to competition.  It borders on almost not being competition due to the rule set, environment, and ultimate goals.   It's been branding and run as an "Arte Suave Submission League" and has been going on since Oct 2010!    They took some time off and had their first event back just this past weekend on August 18th. 

This past weekend was my first exposure to the zombie house and I had a great time!   Stephen and I made the trip to Inner City MMA (in downtown toronto). We left mega early because you never know what the state of the 403/qew/gardiner is going to be.  Good thing to, because it turns out, spadina was closed, which was very inconvenient.  We were one of the first people there, even though we were a few minutes after the time they had suggested everyone be there by!  shame on you people who strolled in after the official match start time.  you know who you are!

So we signed our lives away,  paid the fee (only $25!) ,got changed and chilled till everyone arrived.   Once we were all mostly there we went over the rules / guidelines  for the event.

Basically, in my words:
1. Subs only.  and if you tap, you restart.
2. Roll hard, but don't be a dick
3. No Refs, but "life guards" who will do their best to keep you in your space, and will call a sub if they think your being stupid by not tapping.
4.  5 minute rounds.
5.  All belts fight each other,  but are handicapped by points, and subs allowed.
6.  4 weight classes, round robin, You fight 5 guys/girls in your division.
7. Girls and Guys fight together!

So that's that.   We got the day rolling.  4 fights went at a time. Using a single timer.  so it all ran very smoothly.  A few times we had to pause the timer but it all ran very smoothly!

Unfortunately gringo had to leave early, and took a few of his guys with him, including my 5th fight!   but i still got 4 great matches. 

#1 - Caitlin!  Yay a girl!   was nice to fight a girl after the weekend before at montreal grappling.  Even better, we were pretty much the same size! Outstanding!  We had a great roll, she almost caught me in a triangle, and i got 2 arm bars.  very back and forth.

#2.  Gregg King - I had watch Gregg at montreal grappling (he fought my team mate twice). He should just be renamed Triangle King.  Man were they slick! and tight!   we had a pretty good roll.  He caught me in 4 subs, I almost got an armbar at the end, but i think he decided to take it easy hahah.  all in all I learned I need to work on my posture a bit to avoid those pesky triangles.

#3 Nihad (from gringos).  Another Great roll!  Nihan is mega technical, and strong, felt a bit stronger then Greg, but maybe that's just their styles.   He caught me 4X as well, and I didn't really launch much of an offense,  to busy trying to keep my head out of his triangle and my arms attached haha!

#4 Andy (from gringos)  Andy's a white belt, with a couple stripes, but he rolls really really well!  We had a great back and forth match.  He has really good back attacks that kept me defending steadily.   We ended up going 0-0.

That was my day. I ended up with a score of -6.  which.. isn't so great, but I had a lot of fun, and would definitely go back.

They are working on putting together a Ladies Zombie House!  I can't wait for something like that. It'll be amazing.  Keep your eyes open for it ladies.  It's a great way to get some experience, and try new things, and see how your game is coming along in a safe, cheap, and friendly environment.

Here's the website for the zombie house:  

That's basically it.  I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone looking for some extra mat time, or looking to try out some new setups and subs without having to worry about the other person stalling or loosing on points, or getting subbed.

Thanks to the whole Inner City MMA / Shah Franco Team for hosting and putting on a great event.  and thanks to everyone who came out for the great rolls, support, and fun.   Oh and Stephen, for coming along I LOVE having team mates that come to tournaments and compete with me!

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