Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Scheduling Crisis!

This is the first blog post that isn't a report on a tournament! How strange.  I'll be competing this weekend at the IBJJF Montreal Open, So expect a report on that when I get home.  anyway....

As you may or may not know, my 2nd job is working for the Ontario athletic commission as an official at mma events.  This is a great job, I love it.  It doesn't give me that many opportunities to work which is a mixed blessing.   Last weekend at the Score fighting Series  they announced their next ontario event.   Oct 19th.   The weekend of the OJA  Ottawa Open!


I've been planning on attending that tournament since It was announced.  They are giving away a bunch of trips and I've heard good reports about the event last year.  Not to mention, it's a tournament, and I am addicted to tournaments.  I know I would have some good competition at this event to, because it's in Ottawa, and there is a lot of super tough girls in the area(Alpha MMA,  BTT, other girls from Montreal and Quebec). 

This wouldn't be so bad if the event was somewhere not ridiculous,  but it's in Sarnia,  about as far away as you can get from ottawa without being in northern ontario!  There really isn't a realistic way for me to do both things and I am super bummed about it.  This will be the first OJA event in 2012 that I will be missing, or I have to miss an opportunity work work for the commission, which isn't a great option because there have only been a few events this year. 

Next scheduling drama.   The NYC Abu Dhabi Pro Trials announced there event date.  Oct 27th.  Last year it was 2 weeks after the Montreal trials which was perfect and my whole life plan/ schedule revolved around that being the same.    Now what do I do?   Make the plans to go to NYC in October and spend a freaking fortune in that expensive city?  or skip it, counting on winning in Montreal in the winter?  If that doesn't work out, there isn't really any trials after it that I could get to.     The other thing they've changed is instead of it being on a Sunday, it's on a Saturday.  Which means I'll have to take Friday off work,  again.   I only have so many vacation days, and they are running out pretty quickly!

I have a couple team mates who want to go to new york too.  We could all share a room, but it's still expensive to get there,  either gas, or bus tickets, or plane tickets. Then there is subway, taxi, food.   It'll probably add up to like $500 / person + tournaments fees and food.    Anyone out there looking to sponsor some BJJ athletes?  Seriously?   We need cold hard cash.  or just the plane tix.  either way.  I'll put your brand all over my blog, I'll share it on facebook and twitter.  I'll mention you and put your logo in the highlight video I'm working on.   I'll be eternally grateful.


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