Monday, 20 August 2012

My First Montreal Grappling Tournament

2 weeks after the New York Pro Trials we made the road trip down to Montreal once again.   This time it was Jon, Andre and I.  The Competition was the Montreal Grappling Experience (March 24th).  I don't remember how exactly we came across these competitions, I think someone on the team, maybe Brad, or Alasdair came across it first, but scheduling kept them from going. 

This tournament format,  which I talked about earlier, is probably my favourite.  It could use a few tweaks here and there, but they are working on it, and it is amazing.   Guaranteed 4 fights (if there is 5 people in your division or more, which is quite likely because there is a limited number of weight classes).  Then the top people out of the round robin fight in a final, or semi final/final  to determine a winner.   I think this could be improved that if only 1 person wins all their fights then they should win first place, and only use the semi/final system if there are ties.

2 other blue and up girls girls registered for the event which is pretty sweet, because let's be serious,  to have more then 1 other girl in your division is kind of a rare thing.   These two are super tough, amazing bjj girls to!   Melissa Biscardi made the trip all the way from Toronto, and Melissa Hebert is more of a local, but she's a trooper and loves competing as much as I do i think!     The only down side is at the time, I think I had 50 or 60 lbs on each of them.  I give them mad props for fighting me still.  If I was tiny like them, I'm not sure how I'd feel fighting a fatty like I was then (and I'm still much bigger, but it's not really my fault i'm 5'10, whatever, that's not what we are talking about here). 

Melissa and Melissa fought first, and had a great fight that ended with Biscardi ahead on points I believe.  I then fought Biscardi and managed to sneak ahead on points, barely.  She's got an amazing guard that gave me a tonne of trouble to pass!   Nice guard pulling skills to, I didn't get a chance to use any judo... I so rarely do anymore :(   next I fought Hebert, and man, is she tough for someone so small!   In Both these fights I was trying hard to be technical and not just through my fat around to crush them.  I had to use some strength to keep Hebert from escaping everything though, she's so explosive!  I was very impressed.   I ended up catching her in a ugly modified bow and arrow type choke that wasn't very pretty, or nice.     Because they always have a final, Melissa B and I fought again.   I came out ahead on points again, and it was an even closer match then the first!  I think if I fight her again, now that I am about 30lbs lighter then I was then, It's going to be a great match!  (not that these weren't but I think it will be interesting to see what my decreased size, but increased fitness will add to the mix)

After our division was done, I had an exhibition match against a girl who didn't get there in time to register.  Her name was Mariana or Marina or something like that.  I wish I could remember!  I felt so bad that she missed registration and couldn't fight!   Melissa B and I both did an exhibition fight with her so she didn't go home without any experience.     She was smaller then me, but bigger then the Melissas.   She had a great guard and  super strong grips, but I managed to keep my base and eventually pass and somehow get an arm bar. I don't remember exactly how.  

All in all it was a great tournament.  Well run, and loved the format.   I was disappointed when i couldn't make it out to the next one, but made it out to the last one, and fought the boys, which you've probably already read about.

I wish more girls would come out and compete.   I know your out their ladies!   Someone has to make the first step and register, or no one else will.  I've been trying!  As of this past weekend, I have competed in 11 events, and registered for 12.  There was absolutely no one for me to fight in Niagara.  Competing is one of the fastest ways to improve, it's a great way to meet new friends, and like Tyler Durden says 'How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?'

Here's a link to the next montreal grappling event.  I strongly recommend you make the trip.  It's a great atmosphere and a great way to get more experience:

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