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Handy Dandy Rules and Format Comparison

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 So, the other day I was thinking about the different events out there, and the differences in the rules, and Jon and I talked about a post we saw that was suposed to be about the differences in the rules in various promotions, but really didn't tell you anything.

 SO I thought, why not make a fairly comprehensive chart, of the various promotions that I know about with the differences and similarities of each. I tried to list all the things that people might care about. This chart generally applies to ADULT GI DIVISIONS. Of course ADCC is nogi, and when I could, I made comments about a promotions nogi rules as well. IBJJF the rules are identical for gi/nogi so that is why there are no notes about the differences there.

 If there are any mistakes, omissions, or things you would like added, please leave a comment, or message me on facebook, twitter, or reddit, or however else you want to contact me. If there is another promotion out there that hosts events in more then one city and has an easily accessed rule set, send me the info, and I will try to add them. I'd like this to be as comprehensive as possible!

 I know the chart doesn't fit perfectly in my stupid layout, sorry about that, I haven't spent that much time trying to make it all responsive and beautiful. As a programmer, I am ashamed, but I'd rather get this information out sooner and deal with making it absolutely beautiful later.

If you know 100% the answer to any place I have left as a question mark, please also let me know.  I couldn't find anything in those events rules books to confirm or deny how they handle the situations.

If you see a little Number like this 9999 Click on it, it will open a cool little tooltip with more information about it. They aren't the prettiest, but it sure beats scrolling up and down, or clicking and getting automatically scrolled down.

Each heading links to that organizations most current rules (that I could find).
Format and Such
Grappling Industries Grapplers Quest Five Naga ADCC Abu Dhabi Pro
Bracket Format Single1 Round Robin2 Single Single Single Single Single
Match Length 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /10 5 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /10 6 4 / 5/ 6(pbb) 6-1012 6
over time No No NOGI and Superfights only No Ref Discretion Yes13 No
Weigh in time Before Division Morning Of Night before, or morning of 4 to 1 hour before division Night before, and morning of32 Morning of3 Night before only
weigh in with gi? Yes No No No No No No
Weight Classes Standard34 Standard34 ,37 Every 10lbs ish 35 See Chart38 Every 10lbs is36 See Chart39 Varys 40
pre registration only Yes YesNoYes NoYes Yes
Absolutes Medal Winners Gold Only Sign Up and Pay Sign up and Pay Sign up and Pay Medal Winners Medal Winners4
Gi rules25 Very Strict, White/Blue/Black, no frays Page 28 Less Strict, But follows IBJJF Rules Gi and Uniform Any color, but must match Item 16 blue, black white matching
Page 16
No color or matching restrictions Page 46 N/A Follows IBJJF Rules kimonos
Rashguard under gi No No No No26 Yes N/A No
nogi uniform regulations Black rashguard and board shorts, no tights rashguard and board shorts rashguard and shorts, tights or gi pants rashguard/tight top and shorts, tights or gi pants minimum - shorts No real rules N/A
cups allowed No No Yes No Yes No real rules No
entry fee(one division)31 IBJJF - 100(ish)
CBJJF - 70/90
OJA - 50-65
60/7033 100-120 100 80(ish) 80 100-120
Membership Fee IBJJF - 3527
OJA - 2528
N/A 0/10/3529 0/10/3530 N/A N/A 35
Points and Advantages
Grappling Industries Grapplers Quest Five Naga ADCC Abu Dhabi Pro
Points for Sub Attempts No No No No Yes No No
Advantages for Sub Atempts Yes Yes Yes No No5 No6 Yes
Points for Takedowns 2 2 2/37 2 28 2/49 2
Points for Knee on Belly 2 2 210 2 2 2 2
Points for Sweeps 2 2 2 2 2 2/411 2
points for passes 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Advantage for pass to turtle Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
points for mount 4 4 4 4 4 2 4
points for back mount 4 4 4 4 4 2 4
points for back control 4 4 4 4 4 3 4
points for body triangle (back control) - - - 4 - - -
double guard pull Adv Adv ? 2 Adv ? Adv
penalty for guard pull No No No No No Yes No
Allowed Techniques
Grappling Industries Grapplers Quest Five Naga ADCC Abu Dhabi Pro
Kneebars Brown/Black Brown/Black All Adults15 All Adults Brown/Black14 All Adults Brown/Black
Wrist Locks Blue Blue All Adults All Adults Blue All Adults Blue
Heel Hooks No No Nogi only16 No Nogi only Intermediate+ No
Toe Holds Brown/Black Brown/Black Brown/Black18 Brown/Black19 Brown/Black17 Intermediate+ Brown/Black
slicers / compression locks Brown/Black Brown/Black No20 Brown/Black Brown/Black Intermediate+ Brown/Black
slams No No No No No Yes21 No
spine locks (twisters) No No No/Yes22 No No/Yes23 Yes24 No
Banana Splits 13+ 13+ Not Mentioned Not Mentioned 18+ Intermediate+ 13+
  • 1 - OJA - kids they use round robin (usually under age 8, sometimes under 11)
  • 2 - 4 fights in the round robin, then if there is a tie, they do a single elimination bracket to determine winners. Divisions of 2 will do a best of 3, divisions of 3, you fight each guy twice, divisions of 4 I think you get only 3 fights.
  • 3 - I see some posts saying they don't do day before anymore, we haven't had one one these around anymore, and there was some controversy about the weigh ins the last event, so I wouldn't count on this information being 100% accurate.
  • For the qualifying tournaments, many divisions, you must win the absolute to earn a trip. It varies by divisions how well you must do in your weight class to qualify, Normally it's top 4, but sometimes it is top 8.
  • 5 - Five does not give advantages at all, so nothing for sub attempts, but in the case of a draw, sub attempts are the first thing that is considered when choosing a winner.
  • 6 -ADCC does not use advantages at all.
  • 7 - 2 points if you end up in a guard, 3 points if you end up in side control or mount.
  • 8 - Naga has some strange rules about take downs in NOGI, where sometimes you only get 1 point. This chart is about Gi Rules only. You are best off reading page 19 or their rule book.
  • 9 - ADCC gives 2 points if you finish the takedown in a guard position, and 4 if you finish passed the guard(like side control or mount)
  • 10 - Grapplers Quest does NOT give points for knee on belly in NOGI.
  • 11 - ADCC considers reversals as sweeps as well, and sweeps that end passed the guard earn 4 points.
  • 12 - ADCC has pretty convoluted match times. national and qualifier events have 6 minutes for the first rounds, and 8 for the final, the world championships has 10 and 20. Also note, ADCC does not score points for the first 1/2 of the match.
  • 13 - Overtime is 1/2 the match length. Only 1 overtime per match.
  • 14 - Kneebars are Allowed for ALL adults in NOGI at Naga
  • 15 - Kneebars are legal for all adults in gi, and nogi at Grappler's Quest, they are even legal for advanced kids/teens in nogi.
  • 16 - Heel Hooks are legal in the Advanced and Pro and Superfight NOGI divisions only at grappler's quest. ***the OGA, who grappler's quest works with in Ontario, does NOT allow Heel Hooks, so they would never be legal, in Ontario.
  • 17 - Toe Holds are legal for all adults in NOGI at Naga
  • 18 - Toe Holds are legal in Advanced NOGI adult divisions at Grappler's Quest
  • 19 - Toe Holds are legal in the Expert NOGI adult divisions at Five
  • 20 - Calf crushes are NOT legal in Gi at Grapplers Quest, but are in advanced/professional and brown/black. They have contradictory rules on their website, so I would confirm with them at the event before going for one in the Gi divisions.
  • 21 - Slams ARE allowed, but only to escape a sub, slams from guard are not. Yes, ADCC is crazy.(not for beginners or intermediate)
  • 22 - Neck/Cervical Locks are only allowed in the advanced / pro NOGI divisions at Grapplers Quest
  • 23 - Neck/Cervical Locks are only allowed in the All Adult NOGI divisions at Naga.
  • 24 - Spine Twisters are NOT allowed in the Beginer ADCC division
  • 25 - Everyone has something in their rules about gi's and nogi uniforms, your best bet is to just look it up, since I don't feel like writing a paragraph in each box and making my table ugly.
  • 26 - It doesn't say in the rules that it is allowed, it just doesn't say that it is not allowed.  According to a facebook post, they are not allowed.
  • 27 - IBJJF -  Black belts, kids, juveniles, and possibly others need to have a membership to compete. eventually everyone will.  The CBJJF does not have a membership fee.
  • 28 - All competitors must be registered with the OJA, membership is valid for the calendar year
  • 29 - Grapplers Quest in ontario is sanctioned by the OGA, which comes with a $10 per event, or $35 for a year membership fee
  • 30 - Five in ontario is sanctioned by the OGA, which comes with a $10 per event, or $35 for a year membership fee
  • 31 - These vary event to event, and location to location and are just here as general indicator.
  • 32 - Night before is currently only at the Toronto(and future, large events)
  • 33 - 60 in Montreal, 70 in Toronto. Kids are less
  • 37 - Grappling Industries uses the IBJJF NOGI Weight classes for their single weigh in(gi or nogi), and you can weigh in wearing as little as you want (undergarments required).
  • 40 - Abu Dhabi Pro Weight classes vary by qualifier and event. Your best bet is to just check the website for the qualifier you are attending.

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