Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 1 Paleo Log

Day 7  November 18th 

Slept well.
Morning weight:155.2
Breakfast: 2 strips of steak, very small chicken breast, a few black berries, coffee w/ tbsp of coconut oil
Lunch: 1/2 pint of black berries 1 square of lindt 85%
Dinner:(large fatoush, no pita chips) with plain chicken
I feel like I forgot something... I'm not hungry but I feel like I should be.

Day 6  November 17th 

Slept pretty good for a hotel room.  but only for about 6 hours.
Morning weight:no idea
Breakfast: scrambled eggs (probably those fake ones restaurants use), fruit salad
Morning Snack:Pecan/walnut/almond/coconut shreds/sunflower seed trail mix
Lunch: 1/2 pint of raspberries 1 square of lindt 85%
Afternoon Snack:Pecan/walnut/almond/coconut shreds/sunflower seed trail mix
Dinner:Pecan/walnut/almond/coconut shreds/sunflower seed trail mix
hmmm, road food menu might need some tweaking.

Day 5  November 16th 

slept well till about 4am, then tossed and turned.
Morning weight:155.5
Breakfast: 3 eggs with spinach in cooked in a bit of olive oil
Morning Snack: Pecan/walnut/almond/coconut shreds/sunflower seed trail mix
Lunch: 1/2 pint of raspberries
Dinner:  ace restaurant pea soup (definitely not legal, but i was hungry and it was there).  steak and veggies

 Day 4  November 15th 

slept well till about 4am, then tossed and turned and woke up alot.  had xcom dreams haha
Morning weight:158.2
Breakfast: 8:15am 2 eggs with a bit of green onion and 1/4 red pepper.  20 1/2 spears of asparagus. 2 cups of chocolate mint tea

Lunch: sweet potato and squash caserole.
Afternoon Snack: 1:30 green apple, 2:30 10 walnut halves
sleepy around 3:15
Dinner: ribeye steak and "asian style" mixed vegetables 

Day 3  November 14th  

Slept pretty well, but had weird dreams.
Morning weight:159.6
Breakfast: 8:00am 3 eggs with spinach and a bit of olive oil.  chocolate mint tea.

Lunch: 12:05 pm  chicken breast and "summer" vegetables
Afternoon Snack: 1:00pm clementine, 2:00 10 walnut halves, 3:30 20 almonds
very lathargic and sleep in the mid/late afternoon today.
Dinner: large fatoush from la luna express no pita chips of tomatoes


Day 2  November 13th 

Slept much better.
Morning weight: 160.7
Breakfast: 8:00am 15 asparagus spears grilled in a bit of olive oil. 2 eggs scrambled with a bit of red onion
Lunch: 121:15pm squash and yam casserole by Jon.  Chocolate Mint Tea in the morning,  water with blackberry tea after lunch
Afternoon Snack: 1:45pm - 20ish almonds, 2:15pm - honey crisp apple, more tea
bit of a headache
Dinner:  4:30pm - chicken breast and "summer vegetable" mix. 1/2 pint of rapsberries
snack: 8:00pm - coconut milk, coconut oil, 1/2 frozen banana, bit of frozen fruit mix, bit of honey, bit of vanilla

Day 1  - November 12th  
Slept terribly last night.  Great way to start the new diet.
Morning Weight:  162.5
Breakfast: (7:15AM) 1 cup of spinach pan fried with about 1tbsp of olive oil and 2 eggs.   1 cup of chocolaty mint tea.
Snack (10am): 10 walnut halves
Lunch (12:20 ):  pan fried steak (rowe farm skinny ones) and some pan fried veggies in olive oil and dave's veggie rub). Very Berry tea
Afternoon Snack (2:15pm)  Clementine, big glass of water
Afternoon Snack (3:30pm)  1/2 pint of raspberries
Dinner(8:15pm) la luna express large fatoush, no tomatoes or pita chips.  plain chicken

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