Monday, 26 November 2012

Gis For Sale

So, over the last year I've won a few gis from various tournaments. Some I love, some I do not. Between Jon and I we have, I think, 16, with two more on the way. I'm looking to sell a couple of them, to help raise money for a trip to Chicago, Pans, and Worlds. So, without further adieu, here are the gis I am looking to sell. I'd prefer someone kind of local, because paying for shipping will defeat the purpose of this sale. I will be traveling to most of the tournaments in Ontario / Montreal over the next 6 months though, so if you're going to any of those, we can work it out.

  1. A1L Redstar Clean White. $100
    I believe this is a 550 weave, and shouldn't shrink much. I have another A1L Redstar that fits me pretty much perfectly. I love my Redstar gis, I just have to many gis and this one is still in the package, not even opened. It has no patches on it, but came with some, if you like to patch up your gis. This is a great training or competition gi and would fit someone about 5'8-6'2 ish and probably 130-160 lbs. Donated to a raffle for a friend
  2. F3 Kingz 420 Blue $100
    Pretty much the whole world loves the Kingz gis but the fit is all wrong for my body type. Apparently I'm not built like a girl. The size charts for this gi say: 5'6 - 5'9 and 150-180lbs. I probably should have known I'm outside the range for a Kingz women's gi, because i am 5'10 and 150/155ish, but it was a prize, so I hoped for the best. This is not a lanky persons gi
  3. A2 #ONE Kimono Black (Very gently used) $75
    I won this one in Ottawa and it fit great, but then I washed and dried it and now it's flood pants and 3/4 length sleeves. It's a very comfortable gi, and light weight. I probably wore it 3 or 4 times max. It's not faded and won't shrink anymore than it has already. I Imagine it would fit someone who is 5'6-5'8 and maybe 140-170lbs, but that is just a guess.  
  4. A2 VVV White (Gently Used) $50
    This gi never really fit me well, and when I washed and dried it it became mostly unwearable. The good news is, it's a great gi and it's done shrinking. The bad news is it's probably about a size A0 in most gi brands. I have worn this gi probably less than 5 times. The jacket has a fairly lean cut, so it would be good for someone who is on the short and skinny side of things. I imagine it would fit someone who is about 5'4 - 5'7 and maybe 120 - 150.  
  5. A2 Original Red Star Black (Used) $50
    I picked this gi up at the MMA Expo when Red Star was just starting out. Love the cut, and the look, but this was before gis wear sold pre-shrunk and I accidentally washed and dried it once and that was the end of the properly fitting gi for me. I still wore it fairly often, but the pants come more than 1/2 way up my shins if I wear them so my butt isn't showing haha. It still has lots of wear left and would make a great spare gi. Likely this would fit someone 5'4-5'7 or so and 130-160 or so, but It's hard to say for sure. Sold
  6. A3 Fugi All-Around Gi $50 (Gently used)
    I picked this up on a BJJHQ sale about 8 months ago. Got the A3 because in the past everyone on the site had written about how much they shrink. Turns out they fixed the shrinking problem just in time for this batch. It's too big. I've worn it maybe 10 times, most of those teaching classes so it didn't even get sweaty. It's probably good for someone 6'0-6'2 and 170-190lbs.

That is all of them for now. I'll update this list if/when I win others or when they sell. Thanks for looking and helping me out.

See you on the mats!

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