Monday, 3 September 2012

My Year in Review, So far... (a plea to sponsors)

So I thought I would just give a summary of my year so far, so potential sponsors could see how much exposure they could be getting!
  • Jan 27th - Michigan BJJ Open Silver in Heavy and Absolute
  • Feb 4th - Ascension - Gold in Heavy
  • Feb 25th - Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Montreal - Did not place
  • March 11th - Abu Dhabi Pro Trials NYC - Bronze in Absolute
  • March 24th - Montreal Grappling - Gold in Blue and Up
  • May 12th - Ontario Open Silver in Gi Heavy, Gi Absolute, Bronze in No Gi Heavy, and Silver in No Gi Absolute
  • June 16th - Ottawa International Open - Gold in Heavy and Absolute
  • June 23rd - Grappler's Quest Toronto - Gold in -160 blue and Silver in Purple absolute
  • Aug 4th - Toronto IBJJF - Gold in Medium Heavy, Silver in absolute
  • Aug 11th - Montreal Grappling Experience - competed in the men's division, did not place
  • Aug 18th - Zombie House Submission - competed in the -160 division.
  • Sept 1st - Montreal IBJJF - Gold in Medium heavy and absolute.
  •  Montreal Grappling Sept 15th  Gold in No Gi absolute,  Gold in Blue belt Gi Absolute.
  • GTA Classic Sept 22nd  Gold in Blue Belt Absolute.  
  • Toronto Grappling Oct 13th Silver in Blue and Up 135+ 
  •  NYC Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Oct 27th  Did not place
  • F.F.C Super fights in Montreal Nov 16th - Lost
  • Provincials Nov 24th  quadruple gold, all by default (no purple belts to fight)
I haven't made this post to brag or anything. The farthest thing from it. I just want to make people aware of how often I compete, and how much exposure it would be for their brand. That's a lot of podium pictures that your patch / logo / brand could be on. It's also a lot of match time that my gi is in(which is currently not very patched up).

I want to compete in most of the following tournaments to round out the year:

  • Grapplers Quest North American Championships Toronto December 1st

I am planning on winning a trip to Abu Dhabi and a trip to Worlds at these tournaments. That means extra exposure for your brand on a much larger scale and market to! Here's what I need:
  1. Travel Expenses covered - flights, hotel, gas, that kind of thing
  2. A supplement sponsor - protein shakes and whatnot so I can keep training hard.
I don't REALLY need more gear. I have 7 or 8 gis and a pile of rash guards. That being said, If as part of your sponsorship you need me to wear your gear, I'm sure we could figure something out.

Look: I know I'm just a lowly blue belt, and most blue belts don't have sponsors. But most people don't compete like I do (a few of my team mates do, they could use sponsors to). The higher level belts don't get as many opportunities to compete so I feel like It's a good opportunity for you!


  1. Super awesome blog. Glad to have you around and see you at all the events. You are a very good and positive influence in the community. Osss

  2. amazing achievements Patricia! keep training hard and bringing home the hardware