Tuesday, 5 February 2013

9 Weeks Ago My Brains Were Scrambled...

I still don't remember a lot of details about Grapplers Quest that day or the few days after.  I've got massive holes in my memory around that time.  I think I have done some permanent damage to my brain though, as I am still having mental symptoms to this day.

 Physically I think I've recovered.   I trained pretty hard last night, did the full warm up, did all the technical drills, played king of the hill, and did a few rounds of rolling.   My partners were all very careful about not smashing various limbs into my head so I didn't re-injure myself.   I'm pretty sure they were taking it pretty easy on me, and that is OK at this point.

My cardio is shot.  Completely Destroyed. Ruined. Non Existent. 2 months of very little to no physical activity will do that to a person.  I had to let people go ahead of me during king of the hill a couple times b/c I was so tired.  I don't normally let myself do that, but when I'm very tired the chance of injury is much higher, so I'd rather not just come back from the concussion to ruin a knee or something.  It's going to take a while to get my cardio back up to snuff.  I should probably go running or something, but I think I will focus on Jiu Jitsu cardio for now.

I thought I would be more subconsciously scared of rolling/drilling and getting my head hurt, but once I slapped hands with my partners It didn't even cross my mind.  I think this is due to, for a large part,  how awesome my team mates are. I know that they will be more careful to not hit me in the head, then I will be to not put my head in stupid places. 

I haven't had a concussion-y headache in a couple of weeks, so that's pretty good.  Those were pretty annoying,  haven't gotten nauseous either.  I used to kind of space out and not process things fairly often and that hasn't been happening nearly as much lately either.  All signs of a good recovery.

I still find myself forgetting things, and it seems like sometimes my reactions are slower then they used to be (physically and mentally).  Also, It seems like I am way more dyslexic then I used to be, especially when I'm tired.  Writing things down I put letters in pretty strange orders sometimes and pretty often the sentences that come out of my mouth are quite scrambled.  I know I did this before the latest concussion, but it seems like it happens significantly more now.   I think I'm still more easily irritated then I used to be as well.  I haven't had any sit in the middle of the kitchen floor while trying to bake episodes though.   This could just be because when I'm not active I get extra moody because of lack of endorphins and all that crap.

 I'm planning to make my competition comeback in March, Hopefully the Chicago Open, and maybe Pans. We shall see how the next couple weeks go.  In the mean time I am heading to Montreal this weekend to support 5 guys(Alasdair, Josh, Daniel, Ken, and Matt) from Pura who are competing at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials.  This should be a pretty good event. It's well run, and brings out a lot of top contenders.  I'm looking forward to watching these guys, and a lot of my other BJJ friends compete.  It'll be tough to watch them, and see who will win the division I was supposed to be in (my money is on my friend Alison Trembley), but It'll still be a good experience.  I will also be refereeing at the next Toronto Grappling event.  Maybe, just maybe, I will compete there to try to win a trip to pans. Would save me a lot of money.  Though, last time I fought to earn/save money it didn't turn out so well for me.

See you on the mats!

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  1. No cardio sucks!!! I'm sure yuors will be back to standard in a short time.