Sunday, 6 January 2013

Modern Flow gear bag review.

So, a few weeks ago....OK, more like 2 months ago, I entered one of those Facebook contests that no one ever actually wins that companies use to promote their brand, or so I thought! A while later I got a message from David Garmo saying I had won a free gear bag! Sweeet! 

I've always been more of a duffle bag fan for a gear bag, I think because I drag so much junk around with me to tournaments, but this bag makes me a fan of backpacks! It's got a billion straps and buckles and is mega adjustable, so no matter how full or empty it is, it can still fit comfortably on you back.

It has this flap thing on the front, which to me seems like a handy place to put a sweaty gi after class so it doesn't stink up the inside of your bag and whatever else is in there. It certainly fits a gi nicely anyway. I could he completely wrong about its purpose I suppose, but it works for me!

The bag has 2 main compartments, one of which has handy dandy laptop or table space, complete with a velcro bit to keep it closed. The rest of that section (which is the back pocket) could easily fit a gi.

The other big section has a mesh zippered pocket you could put mostly flat things in, like an mp3 player, wallet, mouth guard and other necessities. This section could hold 2 of my gis with a bit of room to spare, but would be tight to fit 2 plus rashies, shorts, sports bras and the like. 

Ideally I think I would put my gis and crap on that big section, my street clothes in the back section and my random extras in the front pockets. It's definitely big enough to replace my usual duffle bag and probably be more organized! 

It seems to be made of pretty sturdy stuff. I've been using it lightly, to truck my gi and stuff back and forth for teaching, and it hasn't broken yet, so that's a good sign.

Hopefully I'll be able to give it a good workout for training and cramming crap in and dragging it around a lot when Gui Mendes is in town Jan 12th till 18th. Two classes per day for three of the six days... That'll be a good workout for the bag. I won't be training too hard, my brain still sucks, but I'll be working the techniques hopefully as much as possible. I'll be pretty disappointed if I end up on the side lines completely.

Anyway, pretty sweet bag, and cool cats running the business! See you on the mats, well, maybe, probably the sidelines still... time will tell!

Check out the Mondern Flow Website for the bag, and other cool stuff.


  1. Thanks Patricia I am glad you like the bag! and anyone interested in one go to to get yours today!

    -David Garmo
    Modern Flow Brand

  2. Did i really forget to link your website in the post? I'm useless haha!